Automatic Juicer® - Making the best Orange Juice from the best Oranges

Automatic Juicer ® started in the orange juicer business back in 1945. Over the years we have learned a lot about what works when it comes to making the best tasting, freshest squeezed juice. Our commercial juicers were designed specifically to squeeze to the size of the oranges being used.

This is because oranges come in different sizes and shapes and offer great tasting juice, depending on when they are in season.  Seasons also determine the price of the oranges and profit. Another determining factor is whether you're selling by the bottle or glass.

The big idea many businesses should keep in mind is that having orange juice squeezed by a commercial juicer is a draw that brings people into their market. When people see the purveyor is offering fresh juice, they know that everything else being offered is fresh. Selling packaged or artificial juice is like selling a bad cup of coffee. This is why businesses that offer fresh juice, made on premise are usually much more successful than those that don't- especially given that orange juice is the number two beverage of choice by customers in America. Give out free orange juice samples to your customers during peek periods. Many people have forgotten what fresh juice tastes like and this will remind them what they've been missing.  Remember to take care of your juicer by cleaning it and not leaving juice in the reservoir. The Florida Department of Citrus and Sunkist recommend to store your oranges at 45 degrees. Cool oranges means cool and better tasting juice. It also helps to extend the shelf life of oranges when their boxes are stacked for better air circulation. Once oranges are taken out of storage, the outside of the orange actually works as an insulator, and can keep the inside cool for several hours without refrigeration. During business hours, always make sure there are plenty of fresh, cool oranges stacked in the automatic juicer hopper. If you're bottling juice, do not put the bottles in a refrigerator! Put them on a bed of ice as a display to your customers. Clean and fresh visuals lead to better

The most popular oranges for squeezing juice are the Valencia oranges from Florida and California. Sunkist brand oranges from Texas and Arizona also taste great and are a little sweeter than the Valencia. The Pineapple Orange is also another great, sweet orange, but contain seeds. Hamlin oranges are also ideal for juicing in that they are very pulpy and extremely nutritious.  Blood Oranges, while not as popular, as they are a little expensive because they are imported from overseas, are a great and underused orange that delivers major health benefits, an appealing color and a uniquely delicious taste.    




If you have an Automatic Orange Juicer and an Automatic Vegetable Juicer, you're ready to start making freshly squeezed juice! Here are some great juice recipes we've received from customers using our Automatic Juicer.

BEET THE MORNING COMMUTE- beet, lemon, ginger, spinach, apple

GREEN MACHINE- lemon, apple, celery, spinach

MENTAL VACATION- strawberry, pomegranate, lemon, pineapple

PEP IN YOUR STEP- pineapple, cayenne, lemon, apple

SAVOR THE FLAVOR- kale, carrot, apple, lemon

THE JUICE IS LOOSE- orange, celery, lemon, apple

ROSEMARY & THYME- celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, parsley, kale

SAREEN'S SPECIAL- pomegranate, coconut water, apple, spinach, lemon, cayenne

TROPIC THUNDER- pineapple, mango, kale, with coconut milk.  

MELVIN'S ORANGE POP- orange, carrot, apple, pear, (pineapple)

SIR JUICEALOT- carrot, apple, beet, ginger

TOP BANANA- banana, pineapple and orange (ginger)

MR. COCONUT'S CANE JUICE- sugarcane juice, lemon, lime, ginger

Some tips in terms of your juice menu-  When squeezing any drink with orange, use our Automatic Juicer to make the base of the drink-it adds color, texture and flavor. You can use freshly squeezed orange juice with smoothies as a base to add sweetness, tartness and vitamin C. Orange juice is a universal base, except with leafy greens. Pick your oranges in season. Tangelos make wonderful juice in season. Blood oranges add unusual color and texture and give your customers a very unique flavor. Blood oranges are a good match with pomegranate. 

It is important to keep in mind, greens don't go well with all juice combinations. You can use green apples as an alternative to leafy greens to get the green texture in certain drinks.

Remember to freeze your bananas and your berries so you don't have to throw them out at the end of the day if you have leftovers. Berries or sweeter fruits go better with more tart tasting fruit. 

Name your green juices something catchy and memorable so repeating customers can come in and know immediately what their juice of choice is. It is also smart to list the health benefits or specific boost each juice achieves. Are the fruits and vegetables in your drink good for hypertension (pineapple), fighting the cold (lemon) , cholesterol (ginger, garlic, spinach), liver     (celery and carrot) etc. 

Use our Automatic Juicer to display to your customers how fresh their juice is. Brush up on some juice facts to explain to customers how your juices meet their health needs and give them the healthy boost they need every day. 

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