We are the original Automatic Juicer, founded in 1945, by my father, TG Nelson. He was inspired to create and manufacture his first juicer, when he saw a woman struggling to squeeze oranges in a New York City diner.  After returning from his WWII tour, he patented his first design which is still used today. Automatic Juicer has been family owned and run ever since. His innovative design revolutionized the food industry.

Automatic Juicer has gained international recognition for producing juice machines of lasting quality. Our machines are made with care and by hand. We’re proud to say that many of our clients have the same machine on their counters that they purchased thirty or forty years ago. The stainless steel exterior and top-of-the-line materials were designed for such durability.

 Mother nature never makes two oranges exactly the same. Oranges vary by season and variety. Our machines have been uniquely designed to compensate for these natural differences in fruit.  As each orange is squeezed, an Automatic Juicer cuts and presses the juice in a spring loaded mechanism that ensures the highest quality juice. Many of the juicers you will find on the market today squeeze with the same pressure continuously, and can produce a bitter tasting juice. Automatic Juicer on the other hand ensures every glass will be just the way nature intended it. 

Freshly squeezed juice is a healthy and profitable addition to any supermarket, restaurant, kitchen, hotel or juice bar. Offering a premium product to your clients is always an advantage over those who don't. The stainless steel design and aesthetic appeal of our juicers in an appropriate setting, attracts and encourages customers to keep coming back for more.