Cruz S20 Juicer

  • Rotary Orange Juicer
  • 18"(w) x 19.5" (d) x 35" (h)
  • Juices 22 fruits per minute. 
  • 11kg hopper.
  • Mid-range juicer with automatic feed hopper.
  • Digital counter.
  • Self-service option.
  • Unique soft cutting system.

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Our Cruz S20 Juicer is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. It is capable of juicing up to 22 fruits per minute. It's easy to clean and delivers great tasting lemon or orange juice while allowing customers to see the juicing process. Unlike other rotary juice extractors, the Cruz S20 Juicer is built to last, requiring very little upkeep, while delivering both the display and delicious juice restaurant owners expect in a juicing program. The oranges or lemons are automatically fed into the juicer by the hopper, into the knife, where they are split, pressed and ejected out of the side of the machine. The seeds are removed through a passive strainer.  The Cruz S20 Juicer is the perfect juice extractor for mid size volume demand, handling peak juicing hours with ease and style.