Cruz S10 Juicer

  • Rotary Juicer
  • 18"(w)x16"(d)x32.5"(h)
  • Juices 22 fruits per minute.
  • Smaller size OJ machine with big capacity.
  • Quality juicer with digital counter & soft cutting system ensuring the finest orange juice.

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We are proud to introduce our new Cruz Rotary Juicers, which have been tested and judged to be the best and most durable rotary juicers on the market. Cruz Juicers will cut squeeze and strain your oranges, are fast, easy to clean and reliable through peak juicing hours.  Cruz Juicers offer great tasting orange juice while drawing customers' attention to see the oranges being squeezed on premise, as they wait for their freshly squeezed juice.  

Unlike other rotary juicers, our Cruz Juicers were built to last, and don't experience the same mechanical problems as other juice extractors on the market.  We also offer parts and service, which is very difficult to find for competitors' machines, as most of them either aren't made or don't offer necessary parts in the USA. 

The Cruz S10 Juicer is the perfect entry sized juicer for launching a successful juicing program for your business, while offering healthy, beneficial and delicious juice to your customers