Automatic® V8 Commercial Juicer

  • Awards of America "Best Juicer of the Year" 
  • Made of the finest Stainless Steel Components
  • High grade commercial vegetable juicer
  • Juices 350lbs of raw fruit and vegetable product per hour insuring fast production of juice even during peak hours
  • Counter mount juicer. Continuous Pulp ejection
  • Juicer basket specially redesigned to work great on leafy greens.
  • 1hp motor
  • Easy to Clean


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Our stainless steel Automatic Juicer ®  V8 commercial juice extractor is the Awards of America "Best Juicer of the Year" and has won multiple blind taste tests for the freshly squeezed juice it produces.  The Automatic Juicer®  V8 commercial juicer is capable of squeezing up to 350 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables per hour . Our vegetable juicer was handcrafted and designed to handle production during peak juicing hours. Its custom, specialized centrifugal basket was re-engineered to squeeze leafy greens for high yielding results, which give your customers the best tasting, healthiest and most beneficial nutrients from the freshly squeezed juice you serve them. Our commercial vegetable juicer is extremely durable. Combined with an aesthetically pleasing fruit display, our commercial vegetable juice extractor attracts customers to see the freshness of your on premise juicing program, resulting in repeat business. 

The V8 commercial juicer is easy to clean, durable and requires minimum service.